Adult Faith Formation

Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer, and study, must be the central task in any catechetical enterprise becoming  the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age.

Growing our relationship with Jesus Christ happens in many ways in our Church family through prayer, Liturgy, community life, missionary opportunities, moral instruction and faith sharing.

Our purpose as an Adult Faith Formation team is to provide engaging opportunities to the parish to help deepen, grow, and enrich our relationship with Jesus as we journey throughout our lives.

We provide faith gatherings on different formation topics provided by Bishop Barron’s “Word on Fire”, “Little Rock Scripture Series” and others to enlighten and encourage participants to grow their love of God and grasp the gift of their faith.  These formation opportunities for adults take place from September through May.

Please see our electronic bulletin board, email [email protected] or call the church office for more information at 757-365-0579.


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